June 10

Remembering Ray Charles on His 15th Death Anniversary

Artists leave a long-lasting legacy when they die. Usually, it is their works of art that will be remembered by the people who used to follow their life and career. These works of art made them into the legends that they are known today.

For Ray Charles, it is his music that left an impact in this world. His hit songs such as “Hit the Road Jack,” “Georgia on My Mind,” “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” and “I Got a Woman” were some of the most notable hits in his time.

Let us look back at some of the things you might not know about Ray Charles.

ray charles
Ray Charles | Photo credit: thefamouspeople.com

Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra

It is not that often that you get praised by the Frank Sinatra. Well, Ray Charles, received the highest compliment an artist may hear in his lifetime. Frank Sinatra referred to him as “the only Genius in the Business.” Of course, Charles was flattered but he humbly said that he is no Einstein nor Art Tatum.

Drug Bust

Musicians always have a complicated history with substance abuse. For Charles, he made a spectacle and got arrested at the Logan International Airport (Boston). The sentencing was delayed due to the complication of the situation. This also affected the tour dates of the singer since he was in the scrutiny of the public.

ray charles death anniversary
via Screengrab from Youtube

Musical Genius

Ray Charles always had music flowing through his veins. In fact, he started playing the piano at the age of three. No one is supposed to be playing piano at the age of three, but he is not your normal kid. He dropped out of school and then formed his music group. In 1954, he formed another band, and it started his career as a legitimate musician.

When he was asked what made him popular to the general public, his answer was simply “Me.” The confidence he built made it possible for him to release countless hits, and people will still remember him even if he’s gone.

Listen to one of his songs here:


Ray Charles

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