April 23

Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Has Taken Up A New Role, And It’s Very Different from Beth Dutton


Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly has been one of the series’ mainstays ever since its first episode aired back in 2018 – playing as the Dutton family’s tough-as-nails daughter, Beth Dutton. And we can all agree how Reilly has efficiently portrayed her wearisome and fearless character.

But now that the filming for the upcoming Season four has wrapped up, the actress has taken up a new role – which she picked because it’s entirely different from Beth Dutton.

Kelly Reilly has recently appeared in the horror film, Eight For Silver, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last January 30. Unlike her fierce character in Yellowstone, her role for her latest film is much more subdued. This difference is actually what drew Reilly to the role.

The actress explained that she’s been playing – and even extremely immersed – in her “very fierce character” in Yellowstone for many years that she believes now is the right time to dip into different things. After all, she wants to keep changing up to keep her own “taste bud alive” as an actor.

Reilly plays the role of Isabelle Laurent in Eight For Silver, wherein a mysterious menace threatens a small village in rural 19th-century France. Reilly described Isabelle as a character with “constraint and silence and loneliness.” She’s also one of few words, which is exactly the opposite of how greatly outspoken Reilly’s Beth Dutton, whose complexity is intensified by her loudness and choice of words.

Certainly, Reilly has found a challenging character that will help her build an even more extensive career at the same time, proves that she’s someone who can take on a range of different roles. Eight for Silver is written and directed by Sean Ellis. 

On the other hand, Yellowstone is slated to return to Paramount Network this summer. Are you excited to find out whether Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly will reprise her role as Beth Dutton?


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