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Meet Summer Duncan, Jon Pardi’s Girlfriend and Bride To Be

Jon Pardi’s girlfriend, Summer Duncan, must be his lucky charm. She made her big debut as the country star’s girlfriend when she attended the 2017 Country Music Awards. It was when Jon Pardi won the prestigious award for New Artist of the Year.

Let’s get to know more about John Pardi’s lady love.

It Was John Pardi’s Mother Who Introduced Her to The Singer

John Pardi’s mother, Shellie Harrington, played cupid when she introduced Summer Duncan to the “Night Shift” singer. Back in 2017, Harrington arranged for Duncan and a friend to attend Pardi’s show in Denver, Colorado. 

Summer Duncan is a hairstylist from Northern California. She has traveled to Denver to meet Pardi and watch him perform. “So she flew out to the most romantic place you can ever fly a girl out to: the Grizzly Rose,” Pardi jokingly said. “It’s this super honky-tonk, one of my favorite bars.”

The two quickly hit it off. Pardi invited Duncan to join him for another weekend while he was on tour with Tim McGraw, and they never looked back ever since.

She Got The Biggest Question of Her Life at Ryman Auditorium

In October 2019, John Pardi dropped on one knee and asked Summer Duncan, his girlfriend of two years, to marry him. It was during Pardi’s show for Heartache Medication tour in Nashville.

As the country star got down on one knee, the audience erupted in cheers, giving the couple a standing ovation after Summer Duncan said yes. The Ryman Auditorium, where Pardi popped the big question during his sold-out show, was actually the couple’s very first date spots.

Jon Pardi kept his proposal plan a secret from everyone for months, except for his management team. “We even kept it a secret from her mom,” the singer revealed. “I didn’t want all her friends from back home showing up, and she’d be like, ‘Why’s everybody here?’ It worked out great.”

They Will Be Tying the Knot In Montana

Jon Pardi said that their engagement wouldn’t be long, the couple is planning to marry this year in Montana. They’ve already picked a venue, and it will be overlooking Yellowstone National Park. The couple is also anticipating about 200 names on their guest list.

“It’s more of an adventure wedding, really.” He has also revealed that Summer Duncan is now hard at work on the wedding details.

Jon Pardi’s Wife-To-Be Appeared In One Of His Music Videos

The country star’s latest video for single “Heartache Medication,” features both him and Summer Duncan, dancing and looking ever so happy together. “It was out of my comfort zone, but I love how it came out,” Pardi said. “I had a lot of fun making this video. I loved being able to dance together.”

Heartache Medication” is one of the best Jon Pardi songs.

The Singer Has Written Songs About Her Too

“I’ve written a lot of songs about Summer,” Pardi said. However, none of them made it to the record yet, but rest assured that fans will hear them someday.  

“She’s really been involved in the whole process,” Pardi added. “I mean, she loved ‘Tequila Little Time.’ She loves ‘Old Hat.’ But yeah, she needs her own song, and she will get it.”

Jon Pardi Will Never Sing About Losing Her

“Life with Summer is awesome,” Jon said in an interview. “When it comes to singing about losing her, it’s a big no for me. I definitely want to make her happy.”

The singer added, “I’ve had my fair share of crazy girlfriends, So it’s nice to be in a totally sustainable relationship… I mean, I still do dumb [things], I’m a guy, but for the most part, I’ve got to pat myself on the back. I’ve been a good boyfriend, and it’s nice to really work to make somebody feel loved and feel happy… she’s worth it.” 


Jon Pardi, Summer Duncan

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