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10 Best Jon Pardi Songs You Should Check Out


At a very young age, Jon Pardi already knew he was meant for country music. The California native, clad with a cowboy hat, grew up listing to the honky-tonk greats. Today, he is one of the most respected artists from the new generation of Country performers. He released songs that effectively put his career in the fast lane.

Let’s check out some of the best Jon Pardi songs.

10. She Ain’t In It

From: California Sunrise (2016)

John Pardi prides himself on bringing a rock and roll attitude to his approach to traditional country. But don’t get me wrong, the singer can also turn on a dime, giving a stone-cold weeper performance that even the King of Country would surely approve. 

He made that possible with “She Ain’t In It,” the highlight track from his second studio album.

9. Heartache on the Dance Floor

From: California Sunrise (2016)

Jon Pardi has released the catchiest dang songs in the country radio, and that’s “Heartache on the Dance Floor.” It is Pardi’s third single from his California Sunrise album and peaked at numbers three and five on both the Billboard Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs.

Jon Pardi co-wrote “Heartache on the Dance Floor” with Brice Long and Bart Butler. The song sings about missed opportunities, an underused theme in country music that never fails to sting every time.

8. Missin’ You Crazy

From: Write You a Song (2014)

“Missin’ You Crazy” was Jon Pardi’s very first single from his debut album Write You a Song, and it did not disappoint. It’s actually the song that kicked off his career as it made it to the top 40 on the country charts.

7. Head Over Boots

From: California Sunrise (2016)

“Head Over Boots” is one of Jon Pardi’s most successful single since 2013. He wrote the song with the Texas dance floor on his mind. “I was down there and watching people dance around — old couples and young couples. I wanted to have that song that people could dance to, and it felt good,” Pardi said.

6. Dirt On My Boots

From: California Sunrise (2016)

The hit single is just one of the many toe-tapping tracks on Jon Pardi’s second studio album. So it was no longer a surprise when the song brought him to the big leagues of country music. “Dirt on My Boots” was nominated for Song of the Year in the 2017 CMA Awards.

5. What I Can’t Put Down

From: Write You a Song (2014)

This classic country-rock tune is certainly a crowd-pleaser. “What I Can’t Put Down” was released as the third single from Pardi’s debut studio album, and it peaked at number 31 on the United States Billboard Country Airplay chart. 

4. Night Shift

From: California Sunrise (2016)

Another hit single from John Pardi’s second studio album released through Capitol Nashville, the song uses the term “night shift” as a description for loving someone so close after a tiring workday.

The song was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America and has sold 95,000 copies in the United States.

3. Heartache Medication”

From ‘Heartache Medication’ (2019)

“Heartache Medication” is the title track and lead single of John’s Pardi’s third studio album. The song is actually the singer’s way of staying true to his fiddle-heavy, solid country sounds signature.

When Pardi released the single, the country singer revealed that “‘Heartache Medication’ has an ’80s George Strait’s ‘Fool Hearted Memory’ feel to it and is something people can dance to,” Pardi explained.

2. When I’ve Been Drinkin

From: Write You a Song (2014)

Jon Pardi eases off the throttle with “When I’ve Been Drinkin.” But unlike his other singles with country-guitar laced anthems, this track is more reliant on a slow groove that builds through the final chorus.

1. Paycheck

From: California Sunrise (2016)

John Pardi teamed up with country music songwriter Luke Laird to write this song, which is an honor to that piece of paper you receive from your place of employment, allowing you to support yourself, and of course, have a little bit of fun! 

The song has become an all-time favorite in his live show, with most fans knowing the sentiment all too well.


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