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“What Part Of No”: Every Woman Should Speak Up

lorrie morgan

Lorrie Morgan, The Artist

Lorrie Morgan, daughter of George Morgan, began her career at the age of 13. Despite starting her career at a very young age, Morgan did not become a star until the 90’s. She had a minor hit in 1978. In 1986, Morgan released her single “Train Wreck Of Emotions,” that hit the top 20. She also had another major hit, “Dear Me.” In 1990, Morgan released her first No. 1 single, “Five Minutes.” Her second album, Red, went platinum. Her song “What Part Of No” top the charts in 1991. Her third album, Watch Me, was released in 1992. Then she followed it for the next two years with “Merry Christmas From London” in 1993 and “War Paint” in 1994. She continuously released album after album that top the charts. Morgan is currently on tour in the US.

“What Part Of No,” The Song

What Part Of No”, written by Wayne Perry and Gerald Smith, and performed by Lorrie Morgan, in 1993. The song peaked at No. 1 in the US Billboard Hot Country Songs in 1993, and it remained on top for 20 weeks.

The Content

What Part Of No”, is a powerful song that narrates about a woman who just wants to go out alone or with her friends and just have fun, but a guy keeps hitting on her constantly. The man in the song buys her a drink and a flower, he even asked her for a dance. But brave as she is, she said “No”. I believe that this song has a strong message that it sends out to the world.

As a woman, we have the right to say no, or reject something that we don’t like, or makes us uncomfortable. Saying no is not mean, but saying no in a rude way is different. Expressing our self is always important because if we are afraid to voice out anything we feel or think of, we will be abused by certain people. We should stand our ground if something like this is not what we are looking for. Just like the woman in the song, despite the man giving her everything and flirting with her, she boldly rejected his offer. Thus, to every woman out there (even men too) never be afraid to say no, never be afraid to stand up for yourself, and most certainly never compromise yourself for the happiness of others only.

Being A Woman

Most of Morgan’s songs embody being a woman, these include, “Watch Me,” “Five Minutes,” “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” and “Except For Monday.”

Morgan is a strong woman who is never afraid to just be herself. Because honestly there is nothing wrong about that.

“Where I am in my life right now, I’m not afraid to express what I feel, or what I don’t feel,” she comments about the collection’s varied moods. “I’m not afraid to express my views on anything, especially on being a woman.”


Lorrie Morgan, What Part Of No

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