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“Near You:” A Classic Song Covered by Tammy Wynette and George Jones

“Near You” is better known as a duet by Tammy Wynette and George Jones. They recorded the song in 1974 and was released after two years. “Near You” became part of their seventh album together, Golden Ring. They released the song in 1976 as a single, and it went straight up to number one, giving them their third and final number one song on the country chart together.

Check out Tammy Wynette and George Jones’ rendition of “Near You.”

“Golden Ring,” Another No. 1 Song

Despite that “Near You” is a love song, Jones and Wynette were already divorced when the single came out. However, this was not their first song to reach number one when they were divorced. “Golden Ring,” another song from their album also placed at number one on the chart.

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Their second album after their divorce made it to the top of the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

The Original Version of “Near You”

It wasn’t Jones and Wynette who first to record the song. In 1947, Francis Craig released the first ever version of the song. Craig is a Honky-tonk piano player. He first popularized the songs in the late ’40s, making it reached number one on the Billboard chart. He ever set a record for being the longest charting song on the pop chart.

The Love Song

This love song penned by Kermit Goell, tells the story of the kind of love shared by two people. It is seen in the song that the narrator, who’s deeply in love, cannot live his/her life without the other.

“Times when we’re apart
And I can’t face my heart”

Other Versions

Aside from Tammy Wynette and George Jones, there were other artists who also covered Craig’s song. Some of them were Larry Green in 1947, Roger Williams in 1958, Andy Williams in 1959, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Nat King Cole in 1962.

Roger Williams version secured a spot on the pop chart of the Billboard at number ten.

Whose version do you like the best?


George Jones, Tammy Wynette

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