February 6

A Few Pointers that Country Music Can Learn from the Grammys

Today, men and women can be compared to have the same level based on society’s standards. Society has been more open in terms of gender equality, providing woman enough rights like men. But in reality, male dominance is still rampant throughout the world.

Moreover, some women struggle to stand for their rights and others are too timid to be heard. Furthermore, we should not forget that there are great women personalities that played a vital role in our society. In spite of being women, they helped shape the world that we live in. They can be a firefighter, a lawyer, a policewoman, and even executives. Don’t belittle these fierce ladies because they can kick some ass. Anyway, let’s go ahead and check some pointers on how Country Music can learn from Grammys to push more women in the awards night.

The Sad Truth about the Music Industry

The awards night is the most awaited for all artists because this is the time that their hard work is recognized. But, do you think the distribution and the selection of nominees is fair? We have a lot of jaw-dropping hits from women, but they are not being included. Are they not being accurately represented by their record label? Or is it just a bias voting system? From 2013 to 2018, there was only nine percent of women who were nominated in the Grammy Awards. This is alarming and they have to change the voting system as soon as possible. Hence, when Grammys saw this, they were able to act immediately to address the problem.

Grammys vote comes from selected members of a committee, namely from NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences). On the other hand, Country Musics voting system is open for all, in which, they need to change. For now, all we can do is to hope for the best, that there will be more women to be included in the list of nominees.



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