July 5

A Tribute to The Fallen Soldiers: 50,000 Names by George Jones

In 1999, Jamie O’Hara wrote a song later recorded by George Jones called “50,000 Names Carved In The Wall.” The wall mentioned in the song was dedicated in 1982, in Washington DC. It has the names of the Vietnam Veterans inscribed onto it. The wall honors United States servicemen of the Armed Forces who fought and died in the Vietnam War.

Today is just a perfect day to feature this song to pay respect to all soldiers who died in service, fighting for our country.

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One of the most emotional memorials  

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall provides one of the United States’ most powerful scenes. In reality, the “wall” is actually made up of two identical walls that each stretch 246 feet and 9 inches, containing more than 58,000 names. The list of names is in chronological order based on the date of death. Within each day, names are shown in alphabetical order. Here, you can find the names of soldiers who were killed or missing in action. The memorial entails three separate parts: The Three Soldiers statue, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, which is the most popular feature.

Possibly, the wall’s most essential feature is a visitor’s ability to see his or her reflection at the same time as the etched names. This scene connects one to the past and the present like few other monuments can.

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What Inspired George Jones?

The country legend, George Jones, also spent his time serving in the United States Marine Corps before his release in 1953. When he was seventy years old, he released “50,000 Names Carved in a Wall” on his 2001 studio album The Rock: Stone Cold Country.

As much as we commemorate the men who served the military, this is an important piece of music. Even if some radio stations would not play it because of some topics, we think everyone should hear it. The soldiers risked their lives for our liberty. Today, you may want to sing along, but your throat may be too tight to do so. You will remember every single soldier that has fallen. As you watch the video, look closely at the pictures. Have your hankies ready. As George Jones sings,

There’s combat boots that he used to wear when he was sent over there
There is purple hearts and packs of gum. 
Fatherless daughters and fatherless sons
And there’s 50,000 names carved in a wall.

Like a glorious black gravestone bearing a sea of names, the “Wall” seems to go on forever.


George Jones

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