November 10

“Boys Of Faith” By Zach Bryan Mine Nostalgia For Old Friends And Relationships

On September 22, 2023, country star Zach Bryan did what he does best. The Oklahoma-raised singer-songwriter surprised fans with a brand-new five-song EP titled Boys of Faith just weeks after releasing his highly-anticipated self-titled album.

On the title track, Bryan collaborated with another indie folk artist, Bon Iver (whose real name is Justin Vernon), marking their first-ever partnership. The two singers’ hearty voices sprawling over strings, piano, and passionate percussion exude nothing but fuzzed-out Americana vibes.

Behind The Song

Written by Zach Bryan and Bon Iver, “Boys of Faith” finds the two artists paying homage to the tight-knit crew in their lives, who have consistently been there for one another and believed in shared dreams. These folks are the “boys of faith,” providing a sense of safety and unwavering support in their lives.

Although “Boys of Faith” is Zach Bryan’s first collaboration with Bon Iver, the “Something in the Orange” singer has long been a dedicated fan of the Grammy-winning artist. In 2016, Zach Bryan posted a rendition of the well-known song “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver. He has frequently expressed his admiration for the singer’s music on his social media.

In 2017, Zach Bryan even referred to Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father” as “one of the most beautiful songs ever made.” He also spoke highly of the song “Towers,” saying, “I wish I had come up with it.”

Listen to “Boys Of Faith” by Zach Bryan, featuring Bon Iver, by playing the video below. Zach Bryan and Bon Iver are known for their powerful lyrics, so this song will surely bring you nostalgia and make you think about your friends who have stayed by your side.


Zach Bryan

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