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Kathy Mattea ‘Where’ve You Been’: True Love in Thickness or in Thin

Artist Kathy Mattea, who has a remarkable music career, has long been a favorite of many country music listeners curious to get to know her better. But first, let’s become acquainted with one of Kathy Mattea’s hit songs, “Where’ve You Been,” shall we?

Along with two other incredible writers, Jon Vezner and Don Henry, the song was penned by Kathy herself. Various awarding bodies can nominate the song, including the Grammy Awards for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and the Academy of Country Music Award for Song of the Year. The song gets on the charts, peaking at number 10 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard).

However, there is no question that the song’s meaning and how many people can relate to it is what ultimately contributed to its tremendous success. After all, there is no song in the world, far more heartfelt than those inspired by real-life events and people. And Kathy Mattea’s song ‘Where’ve You Been’ is undoubtedly one of those songs.

Meaning Behind the Song 

In addition to Kathy Mattea‘s creative delivery and stunning vocals, the song’s enduring popularity can be attributed to the overwhelming feelings it can evoke in its listeners. According to a report, the song is about Edwin and Claire, two lovers who have been deeply in love with one another since the beginning.

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It was said that the two main characters in the song get married and spend 60 years together. And right up to the very end, even when both of them are in the hospital and the wife has lost her ability to talk and even has forgotten the names of family members, their love for one another is far more profound than anybody could ever think. That’s why, one day, when her husband touches her hand, she asks, “Where have you been? Remembering him as always. 

And to make it even more poignant, one of the song’s composers’ grandparents’ real-life experiences was the reference for the song.

So if you want to check out ‘Where’ve You Been’ by Kathy Mattea, you can check out the music video below. 


Kathy Mattea

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