Marvin Morrow + Mama's Old Song Book


Riley Johnson


December 14, 2023


December 14, 2023


December 14, 2023

Due to its infectious pace and upbeat vibe, “Mama’s Old Song Book” from Marvin Morrow’s 2001 album “I’ll Live On the Mountain” quickly gained popularity among listeners.

Marvin Morrow was reared in a rather low-income setting; thus, he was compelled to start working at a young age to make ends meet. After relocating from city to city, Marrow and his family finally settled in Alabama in 1948, where young Morrow realized his passion for music.

After receiving his first salary, he immediately bought his first instrument. By the age of 10, Morrow started singing for the church, which ultimately influenced him to write gospel songs throughout his career. 

As soon as he finished high school, he moved to Nashville, where he started his career in country music. Despite not being easy, Morrow adjusted to the new city and is now one of the prominent gospel artists in history. 

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Throughout his career, Morrow has released many hit songs such as “I’m Gonna Hold On to Jesus” and “I’m Waiting for You Lord.” However, listeners can’t deny the fact that his song “Mama’s Old Song Book” really set things apart.

The song has an unfathomable charm about it that transports listeners back to those amazing, carefree moments in life. If you’re curious about the song’s meaning, then here’s what we know. 

Meaning Behind the Song

“Mama’s Old Song Book,” written by Marvin Morrow, is a simple song about the days when children would sing along to well-known hymns from those traditional songbooks after supper.  

Since the majority of people nowadays no longer do such things nowadays, listening to the song fills everyone’s mind with the happiest recollections of the past. 

That is why, if you want to take a short trip down memory lane, you should definitely listen to Marvin Morrow’s “Mama’s Old Song Book,” which you can check out below. 


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