July 21

Here Comes “The Gift,” Carrie Underwood’s First Christmas Album

Yes, it is still July, but Carrie Underwood is giving us an early treat for Christmas. More than a month ago, country superstar Carrie Underwood announced that this would be the year that she would be releasing her first-ever Christmas album. Here are the things that we need to know about “The Gift.”

“The Gift”

A faith-focused theme and the spiritual nature of Christmas were the bases for the selection of the mixture of traditional favorites and originals that will make up the album. Not much detail has been released for the singles that will be included in the album, except for one “Little Drummer Boy.” 

The timeless hit “Little Drummer Boy” began the process of Underwood’s Christmas album. With a YouTube sneak peek, the country superstar shared her love for singing. Just like the “Little Drummer Boy” who played his drums for God, Underwood also wants to do the same. Giving back to Jesus, “The Gift” gave her the chance to sing about things that she loves the most. 

Christmas album in 2020

Underwood has recorded several Christmas songs in the past like “Hark the Herald,” First Noel,” and “ O Holy Night.” But these were not for a full-length Christmas album. They were only recorded for the exclusive release of her “Carnival” album. Underwood has desired to release a full-length Christmas album for herself. Unfortunately, it has never materialized until this year came in.

“I just felt that it was the fitting time,” Underwood said. It has been a tough year for all of us and for Underwood, we all need is a little bit of Christmas breeze. 

Recording & Adapting

Underwood selected Greg Wells as the producer of her new album. She and Wells had been working for a long time together. But with most of the recording done during the peak of the stay at home orders, Wells and Underwood have to find ways. Wells, who was not able to personally visit Underwood while recording, made sure that he’s still able to check the process of the recording through Zoom. Underwood acknowledges that it was through the work of technology that they were able to do the recording for her new album.

Besides working on her new album, Underwood has also appeared in some of her family’s social highlights.

New Book

On March 3, Underwood also released a new book titled “Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong With the Fit52 Life.” For book readers, this might be something you’ll want to add to your reading list this year.


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