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Martina McBride, the “Celine Dion of Country Music” Turns 52

Martina McBride, the “Celine Dion of Country Music” Turns 52 1
Matina McBride/GRAMMY.com

Happy Birthday, Martina!

52 years ago, a country star was born in the city of Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Born Maria Martina Mariea Schiff, she started discovering country music through her father, who was the lead vocalist of the band, Schifters. She played the keyboards for his dad’s band when she was a teenager, and later on gigged with several bands that toured around Kansas.

After her marriage with John McBride, who worked for artists like Charlie Daniels and Ricky Van Shelton. The couple helped each other to further advance with their careers. Martina signed to RCA in 1991, and around the same year, John was hired as Garth Brooks‘ production manager. This opportunity helped Martina to land an opening slot in one of Brooks’ tours.

Martina McBride, the “Celine Dion of Country Music” Turns 52 2
Martina McBride and John Bcbride during 2015 ACM Awards / CNN.com

And her career blossomed…

Gaining enough exposure from the opening act, Martina released her debut album Wild Angels in 1992. Her singles stick with traditional honky-tonk and progressive-minded country-folk. It was on her second album that she gained number two position in the chart with her song, “My Baby Loves Me.” Further, Martina’s career breakthrough continued to rise, placing her first number one hit on the chart in 2002, gaining awards and recognition from different music academies.

As per record, she released a total of 13 albums, 2 of which received a Gold certification from RIIA. She brought home CMA’s “Female Vocalist of the Year” award four times, and ACM’s “Top Female Vocalist” award three times. Also, she was nominated for the Grammy Awards, fourteen times.

Concrete Angel

Martina McBride, the “Celine Dion of Country Music” Turns 52 3
Concrete Ange / Youtube

Perhaps one of the most meaningful song from Martina, “Concrete Angel” is a power ballad that details the abuse of a little girl at the hands of her mother. Towards the end, the seven-year-old Angela Carter dies. The story ended bitterly, but its legacy and message last. The propaganda against bullying continues to spread all around the world. Martina showed her support through her heartrending delivery of the song.

Moreover, on December 30, 2014, the song was played in a country music station dedicated to the memory of Leelah Alcorn, a transgender who committed suicide. On the teenager’s Tumbler account, he/she posted a message about acceptance and understanding of their sexuality. The incident reminded people to ask help if they know someone who’s in a suicidal state.

Spread the message of equality and fairness with Mcbride’s “Concrete Angel.”

And again, Country Thang Daily extends a warm Happy Birthday to the ever-beautiful, Miss Martina McBride.

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Concrete Angel, Martina McBride

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