Most of the time, bro country hits dishes women in country music. Plus, those hits portray a different side on how women act in the industry. Now, these men met their match. Maddie and Tae is a rising duo in the industry. They raised the flag for women who are wrongly criticized with their hit “Girl in a Country Song.” I guess it’s time for the industry to have equal treatment of artists regardless of their gender or sexuality. What we need to concentrate on is their talent, and if they can sell records that will top the charts.

Maddie and Tae, girl in a country song

Photo Credits: Maddie and Tae/ Official Facebook Page

Maddie and Tae: A Powerful Duo

This duo tried their luck in the music industry in 2010. They began performing when they were in high school under the name “Sweet Aliana.” In 2014, the duo tried to sign with Big Machine Records, and in June 2014, they were confirmed as its first signees. Maddie and Tae were both singer-songwriters and guitarists. These girls wanted to raise the flag of women in country music through their talent.

Maddie and Tae, girl in a country song

Photo Credits: Maddie and Tae/Official Facebook Home Page

Maddie and Tae popularized the hits “Fly,” “Shut Up and Fish,” and “Sierra.” These wonderful ladies are undeniably talented. Let’s hope that they will reach their dreams and create more fun country songs.

Don’t Mess with These Ladies

“Girl in a Country Song” is the debut single by the duo Maddie and Tae. This hit was co-written by Aaron Scherz. “Girl in a Country Song” was released in 2014.  The single criticizes Bro-country and how it portrays women on their songs and music videos. Since its release, the single reached number three on U.S. Hot Country Songs and number fifty-two on Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, a lot of critics gave the song a positive review. Maddie and Tae have given justice to all the women in the music industry.