April 15

The Legendary Loretta Lynn Turns 87!


Loretta Lynn is arguably one of the most beloved country artists to date. She has been one of the most successful artists and has also paved the way for most female country singers, together with her contemporaries.

Loretta, Loretta Lynn birthday
via Loretta Lynn’s Official Facebook Page

Today, we celebrate her life with love and vigor, as we wish her a happy birthday!

Loretta’s Stunning Birthday Bash

More than 20 of Music City’s most legendary and up-and-coming stars paid homage to the living legend by performing most of her songs during a near three-hour show.

Officially titled Loretta Lynn: An All-Star Birthday Celebration Concert,” the tribute show brought out stars like Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, George Strait, Kacey Musgraves, Allan Jackson, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, and more.

Loretta, Loretta Lynn birthday
via Getty Images

Thousands2 of fans gathered in Nashville last week for the legendary birthday celebration of Loretta Lynn. On the 1st of April, a birthday tribute dedicated to the country singer was launched. This was Lynn’s first public appearance after recuperating from a stroke in 2017 and a broken hip the following year.

Here’s a highlight of the event!

The ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’

Loretta, Loretta Lynn birthday
via Getty Images

At first, Miss Lynn was reluctant to grab the microphone to sing. But her sister, artist Crystal Gale, encouraged her to do so. People cheered when she joined in and sang her signature song “Coal Miner’s Daughter” with everyone.

Garth Brooks even expressed his genuine love for the legend, saying that he and everyone around the “Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer adores her.

“Everybody knows Loretta, and everybody loves Loretta. She’s a pistol and [I] just love being around her. I wish I was Loretta Lynn. I mean, everybody that comes to this town wants to be somebody like her . . . Everybody’s lining up to pay tribute to her.”

In an interview with People Magazine, she expressed that she wasn’t going to let her broken hip or stroke stop her. She said she wasn’t just going to sit down for it. The country icon has been focusing on getting her health back.

Loretta, Lynn, coal miners daughter
Photo Credits: Loretta Lynn/ Official Facebook Page

Loretta Lynn released her most recent album, Wouldn’t It Be Great, in 2018. Again, wishing you a Happy Birthday, Loretta!


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