January 31

Loretta Lynn Castigates Contemporary Music: “We Should Never Let Country Music Die”

Tick Off with Today’s Music

It’s a horrible murder on the music row  and Loretta Lynn would not hold her peace. When asked during her interview on Martina McBride‘s podcast called Vocal Point with Martina McBride, Lynn straight up stated the obvious. Country music, as a genre, is dead.

The “You’re Looking at Country” singer was clear to point out that Country music was led to die. The same is true with other genres. Lynn added that it’s ridiculous to allow any type of music to go to extinction. She said that Country, which has been around the longest and the greatest, must be saved.

Martina McBride observed that Loretta Lynn was fuming as she speaks. Without any fuss, theFist City” hitmaker did not deny how she truly felt. The majority of those in the music industry has lost it to the dismay of the literate music consumers.

Loretta Lynn: A Fighter and No Bystander

Staying true the spirit of the “I’m a Honk Tonk Girl” that she popularized, Loretta Lynn won’t just stand on the sidelines and do nothing. Like the Last Man Standing, Willie Nelson, this Queen of Country Music silenced speculative reports that she’s dying due to health-related issues. After victoriously overcoming some serious health problems, Lynn celebrated her 87th birthday last year of April. Now in 2020, she’s beaming on her way to another celebration of 88 colorful years of existence.

“Well, I’m doing good, I’m moving my arms, I’m moving all my parts and I can still sing.’”

As expected from a queen, Loretta Lynn is set to revive Country music. She’s no singer wannabe who ain’t woman enough to fight for her convictions. Next to her children, Country is vital to Lynn’s life. That being the case, nobody could fault, much less stop her in the determination to bring back the glory days of our beloved genre.

“I think it’s a shame to let it die, and I’m here to start feeding it.”




Loretta Lynn

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