August 24

Is the Term “Country” Really been Hijacked by the New Generation?

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Lee Ann Womack performs at CMA. Photo Credits: John Rusell

“The term ‘country music’ has been hijacked, and now it’s a marketing term.” – Lee Ann Womack

An Interview with a Real Country Artist

The days we live in sure is different from the past, almost everything has changed. Sometimes change is good but if the change is not for improvement or development, it’s bad. Country artist, Lee Ann Womack agrees with this statement. Before, she has shown how she actually feels about the state of country music today. On numerous occasions, she called today’s country music is “not actually country.” Now, she expressed her feelings by speaking out again about what she believes modern country music is experiencing at the moment.

Two weeks ago, ABC aired its annual 3-hour special of CMA Fest coverage taken from the event in June. Like many artists in the country music industry, Lee Ann Womack was in the CMA Fest. She said many nice things in an interview.

“I think there was a charm in the early years, those Fan Fair years, that’s maybe not there now … It felt a little more ‘mom and pop’, and that has its advantages as well. But sometimes people think that I’m gonna be the person who says, ‘Oh, it should be like it used to be,’ and I don’t feel that way. I like to see things grow and advance and change.”

From that statement, you can see and feel her thoughtfulness.

Country Music is not Country Anymore

However, Lee Ann Womack does not agree with the changes that are happening in the world of country music saying:

“The term ‘country music’ has been hijacked, and now it’s a marketing term. It gets frustrating at times, because I sing country music, so if I’m not country, then it leaves you without a home.”

“Home” is country music – that’s what she said. She also implied that without country music, it’s like being a homeless person, much worse is a person without an identity. Just like many things, country music will always be subject to change, however, country music is special and no matter what happens, it’s here to stay. Unfortunately, by what is happening now, the gap between country music and other genres is becoming closer and closer. The sense of being home is being erased making people feel lost.

Making sure that new country artists get what country music is supposed to be, Womack said:

“If there are some new artists that are doing traditional country music—which I know Kacey Musgraves does, more power to them. I love that, and it’s kind of amazing. It’s an American art form, and I’m proud of it. It’s just my favorite.”

Even though Lee Ann Womack is one of the vocal artists who are against what’s happening in country music today, she is one of the artists taking the front lines on raising awareness of what’s happening in the country music genre.

Modern Country Music

The video below shows comedian Bo Burnham. He is a good comedian and a good singer. Even though the video just contains jokes, I think that he tells the truth about modern country music. This clip might make you dislike modern country music or it might make you laugh at the country music of today.

What do you think? Is country music still country? Leave a comment below. Also, don’t forget to visit our website. Bless Your Heart!


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