February 6

Lee Ann Womack Gives the Proof You Need in “There is a God”

Country singer Lee Ann Womack released a religious ballad titled “There is A God” in 2009, which captivated listeners everywhere.

Lee Ann Womack is known as one of the few country artists with a talent for merging emerging contemporary and traditional artistry, lending her songs a refreshing quality. 

Aside from producing love songs, Lee Ann Womack has also ventured into releasing gospel songs like “Get Up in Jesus’ Name” and “Send It on Down.” Among the most popular is her 2009 song “There Is A God,” which peaked at number 32 on the US Hot Country Songs list (Billboard). 

“There is A God” was covered by several artists, the most notable being Reba McEntire in 2017, making this song one of Lee Ann Womack’s greatest hits

Meaning Behind the Song

Written by Chris DuBois and Ashley Gorley, the song talks about the miracles of God. 

For years, “Is There a God?” has probably crossed people’s minds at least once. With this song, everyone can realize that proof of God’s existence can be seen everywhere – in the beauty of our surroundings  – God’s handiwork on display.  

“Is There a God?” is a song about faith and the notion that a greater force guides us all. It transcends the confines of singular religious identity, making it a universal anthem anyone can relate to. 

So, if you want to tune in to Lee Ann Womack’s ballad “There is A God,” you can do so by watching the video below.  


Lee Ann Womack

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