May 16

“Get Up In Jesus’ Name” with Craig Campbell’s Daughter Kinni

Who would have thought that Craig Campbell had not one, but two daughters who could sing? In the past, Campbell has shared videos of his duets with his eldest daughter, Preslee. However, there was no trace of his younger daughter, Kinni Rose’s singing ability. Craig’s wife, Mindy, shared a video of Kinni Rose singing “Get Up In Jesus Name” at their church, one Sunday, along with a story of her journey.

“Get Up In Jesus' Name” with Craig Campbell’s Daughter Kinni 1

Gospel Hymn History and Reflection

“Get Up In Jesus Name” has been previously released by several country singers including Lee Ann Womack and Collin Raye. Many other singers also recorded the hymn. It calls victory with Jesus whenever we get up and follow Him. In addition, we do not just get up. We get up with love and conviction. No matter what situation we are in, we can always get up in our own ways and continue praising Him.

Craig Campbell’s daughter Kinni Rose, for instance. She felt down when she made a mistake singing her praise song and felt embarrassed. Her parents reminded her that God did not make all of us perfect. But, God wants us to keep trying, to keep getting up. Nevertheless, her initiative to sing for the Lord is already a sign of her pure heart – a heart that is always willing to follow.

Our Performance Pick for “Get Up In Jesus Name”

As much as we heard “Get Up In Jesus Name” sung by a handful of country artists, we picked this little girl’s version for today. We want you to feel your spirit young once again as you proclaim your faith to Jesus.

Escorted by her country star father Craig Campbell playing the piano, a 6-year-old Kinni Rose delivered a great performance at their church. Kinni Rose belted out the gospel song “Get Up In Jesus Name” confidently. She radiates every single lyric she sang from her heart. Her older sister, Preslee, was also on stage. Their mother, Mindy played the mandolin, as she, too, sang along. Music runs in the family spiritually.

Thanks to Kinni Rose’s amazing voice and the way she shared it with us with her family.  Watch her extraordinary singing debut below.

We know how much you adore our Creator. Read more life-changing stories and hear heartwarming gospel songs by visiting our website on Country Thang Daily.


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