January 31

A Tribute to our Dad: Leader of the Band from Dan Fogelberg


They are the people who are so protective yet so loving. Also, they will do anything just to protect their family. Sometimes, we don’t even appreciate them that much because we think that they have a cold heart. But, we need to realize that these people have their soft side too, it’s just hard for them to show their emotions. Maybe they are just scared because they need to act like a tough guy. I’m referring to the heroes of our family, our dad. When was the last time we thanked our dad? Or the last time we greeted them on father’s day. I hope it’s not too late to do all those things. Sometimes, they are underappreciated, but we don’t even know the sacrifice that they do every day.

As a tribute, let’s listen to the hit of Dan Fogelberg “Leader of the Band.”


The Singer That Can Melt Your Heart

He is a singer, songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist. Also, this artist rose to fame in the ’60s due to his unique voice and style in producing a masterpiece. In addition, he popularizes the hits “Longer,” and “Same Old Lang Syne.” His hard work in the music industry placed him a spot in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. Do you still remember Dan Fogelberg?

A Tribute to our Dad: Leader of the Band from Dan Fogelberg 1
Photo Credits: Dan Fogelberg Official Facebook Home Page

The Hero of the Family

What are the memories you remember with your dad? Did he teach you how to play soccer, or baseball or even ride a bike? Is he strict, loving, or always cranky? Anyhow, he is always there when we need a lift, he waits for us when we go home late, and sometimes he is overprotective. I guess that’s their role in the family. To recognize our superhero, go ahead and listen to the hit of Dan Fogelberg “Leader of the Band.”


dan forgelberg, Leader of the Band, Same Old Lang Syne

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