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Lauren Daigle’s Beautiful Live Performance of “You Say” Will Make You Believe in God

Lauren Daigle’s Beautiful Live Performance of “You Say” Will Make You Believe in God

In 2018, during the 49th annual GMA Dove Awards, Lauren Daigle captivated everyone’s hearts with her live performance of “You Say.” The song instantly became one of Lauren Daigle’s greatest hits, landing at no.1 on the Hot Christian Songs chart and no.22 on the Christian Airplay Chart. 

Since the song was greatly received by listeners upon its release, the GMA Dove Awards decided to add Lauren Daigle to the list of performers during the event, and it seems like they did the right thing. 

Before Daigle took the stage, Joel Houston, an Australian musician and pastor, reminded everyone that God is a good father and that with his help, everything will be alright. He then introduced Lauren, whom he calls “the church’s gift to the world,” as the next performer.

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As soon as she started singing the first few lines of the song, the audience was immediately captivated. Being a charismatic performer, her deep voice complemented the instruments and backup vocals naturally, giving off a powerful emotional performance from beginning to end. 

Indeed, Lauren’s voice has a soulful richness to it that sets her apart from other country gospel artists. It sends out the true message of the song, that “God is Good,” “God is love,” and that “God Listens.” 

So, if you are one of those people who are struggling to get through life, maybe try reminding yourself that God is always there to accept, love, and guide us no matter who we are. If you missed listening to Lauren Daigle’s live performance of “You Say,” you can watch it below.