May 21

Laine Hardy Performs a Hank Williams Classic and Wins on American Idol

What a great day for country fans! Our favorite Louisiana native, Laine Hardy, just won the second installment of American Idol. This young and upcoming artist is already a fan favorite with his good looks and amazing voice.

His big win is a testament of his artistry as a whole and his perseverance. This is Hardy’s second try on the American Idol and he just proved to everyone that you can achieve your goal as long as you keep on trying. Let us look at his final performance and journey on the Idol Stage.

laine hardy, hank willliams
via Laine Hardy’s Facebook page

Laine Hardy Sings “Jambalaya (On the Bayou)”

Singing a Hank Williams song that was released in 1952 is not what you would expect from young artists nowadays. Well, Laine surely knows his audience and the solid support that country fans have for him.

Jambalaya (On the Bayou)” has been the ticket for the singer to win the competition. As usual, Laine is with his guitar doing what he loves to do; performing and charming his audience. For an 18-year old musician, he always exudes confidence and maturity on stage.

All the judges loved it and gave him a standing ovation. We’re pretty sure that country fans also loved his performance of the classic Hank Williams song.

Laine Hardy’s Journey to the Idol Stage

All throughout his journey in American Idol, he has proven that he can perform various genres of music. This might be the strategy of Laine Hardy coming into the competition the second time around.

He performed songs by Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Queen, and Band of Heathens. As he is still discovering his own style in singing, Laine often performs songs in country, gospel, and rock and roll music.

Right after being announced as the new winner of American Idol, he debuts his song “Flame.” He was then joined by fellow Idols as he basks in his victory.

laine hardy, hank williams
Laine Hardy’s performance of Jambalaya (On the Bayou) via Screengrab

What is next for this American Idol winner? Follow him and find out.

Watch his performance of “Jambalaya (On the Bayou)” here:


hank williams, laine hardy

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