A chart-topper in 2007, the message conveyed in “Don’t Blink” is the wisdom our current generation badly needs.

True in every word, watch again this notable music video of Don’t Blink” by Kenney Chesney.

Perfect! That’s my rate for this Country single. It’s 2018 and I’m saddened that rarely do the Nashville people make music with this caliber. I love the song, but the interview with the 1102-year-old man sharing his priceless wisdom is what sticks the most.

Here are some highlights we could glean from the totality of the song.

Slow Down

We live in a time of instant gratification, but we’re fools at times. Fools because we act like we have all the time on earth to live as we pleased. Most likely, we’ll put aside our relationships in the name of ‘living to the fullest’ and ‘doing your own thing.’ Unbelievable, but that’s what we’ve become. Pathetic isn’t it?

First Things First

What are your real priorities? Harmony in relationships? A lucrative career? Whichever we choose, let’s just make sure we won’t have any regrets in the future. Let’s stop looking at the illusion that time is unlimited. And if it’s limited, then won’t we commit it to what truly matters to us? God only forbid that we’ll make the wrong choice.

Let’s stop looking at the illusion that time is unlimited.

Go for Quality Time

Quantity versus quality.

Though it’s rarely possible to achieve ‘quality’ without ‘quantity,’ busyness still is not an excuse to neglect your wife, children, and parents. Make relationships your main business which needs close attention. In the end, you’ll receive the return on your investments. If you’ll invest a great deal of time, consistent support, and genuine interest in them, then you’ll reap the best benefits of living. And remember, quality will reflect depending on the kind of care you give.