July 30

Josh Turner and Randy Travis Sing “Three Wooden Crosses”

Watching Josh Turner perform is a treat, listening to Randy Travis singing “Three Wooden Crosses” is a blessing, but seeing them together is a dream come true. We often watch Turner covering Travis’ classic songs, and the only thing we can say is that it perfectly suits him. Now that these two finally crossed paths, it’s something we have to listen to.

josh turner randy travis three wooden crosses
Josh Turner and Randy Travis performing together. Photo by Getty Images/KevinWinter/NBCUniversal

Josh Turner and Randy Travis’ Great Performance

In 2006, Turner and Travis sang together to perform the award-winning gospel hit “Three Wooden Crosses.” Here in the video, we witnessed how great these two singers are. It’s such a wonderful collaboration, and their stage presence is just everything. The two didn’t try to outshine one another, but instead, when the spotlight shines on either of them, everyone in the audience loved it. Everyone applauded Travis and when it’s Turner’s turn, people concentrated on him. When they sing together, well, you know what happens.

Enjoy these two artists and be astonished by their performance.

“Three Wooden Crosses” by Legendary Randy Travis

“Three Wooden Crosses” is one of Travis’ iconic songs. He recorded it in 2002 for the album Rise and Shine. Upon releasing the song as a single, Travis earned another number one song on the chart, making it his 16th number one hit. It also won Song of the Year on both the CMA and Dove Awards.

Did you enjoy these two together? Share your thoughts with us, as we can’t wait to hear from you.

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Josh Turner, Randy Travis, Three Wooden Crosses

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