January 31

Downcast? Be Lifted Up by “Jesus and Gravity”

“Jesus and Gravity’ by Dolly Parton

“…anything about Jesus is good.”
-Dolly Parton-

Far from seeing Dolly Parton as a country music legend, she’s an angel and a national treasure. Both a seasoned singer and a Christian, you can’t go wrong listening to her songs. She’s the real deal and she understands well what she’s singing about and who it is for.

Song’s Anatomy

It’s testimonial. There’s the admitting of perceived faults and an acknowledgment of Jesus’ role as our Lord. Besides directing our steps, he either lifts us up or keeps our feet on the ground. He was also referred to as ‘friend, life, light, wings, and flight.” Considering Dolly’s faith, those descriptions are there not to fill space, but to stress Jesus as all she needed.

“Pride knocks us down, but Jesus lifts us up.

That’s to set the misconception straight. Jesus does not purposely strike us down just nor does he clip our wings. In fact, he counsels that we stay close to him for our own good. He also gives us timely warnings so we won’t hurt ourselves. But when we’re full it, we don’t listen. We thought that once we spread our wings, there’s no limit to what we can reach. Hence, we fall. Unlike Icarius though, our heavenly father won’t just give us a look of pity and be helpless to not rescue us.

“In humility, we rise.

Part of learning from Jesus is to emulate his character. When he walked the earth 2,000 years ago, he modeled what real humility looked like. Though born for royalty, he identified himself as one with his people. He ignored the social construct of appointing classes. Every person was equally valued and respected. Such is the kind of character of somebody worth promoting.

Downcast? Be Lifted Up by “Jesus and Gravity” 1


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