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Rhonda Vincent Showed Vocal Brilliance In “I Heard My Savior Calling Me” 


In 2009, Rhonda Vincent took music to the next level while keeping her profound bluegrass roots with the release of her album Destination Life. The record consists of a heavenly lineup of brand-new, original, and traditional bluegrass tracks – which includes the heavenly gospel, “I Heard My Savior Calling Me.”

Rhonda Vincent co-wrote the inspirational ballad, which is a genuinely compelling personal narrative of conversion at a country church revival. She witnessed people coming from miles around just to listen to God’s word and was fascinated by how she could feel God’s spirit in the air. That very moment changed her life.

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“Praise God, I see the light. My Savior’s calling me,” Vincent sings with her finest singing. The gospel also features traditional gospel bluegrass harmonies from her award-winning touring band, The Rage, in their first studio appearance.

It was truly an unfeigned challenge for the singing of the entire band as Vincent reached into her higher register with excellence, most especially at the very end. It’s fascinating enough as The Rage fully showcased their vocal brilliance while singing solo parts all around Vincent, as well as the stacked harmony.

Highlighting Her Status As One Of The Best Female Bluegrass Singers

Fans were truly thrilled when Rhonda Vincent took her touring band The Rage from the stage to the studio for Destination Lifewhich contains twelve tracks of perfectly crafted classics, covers, and originals that elegantly suit the vocalist and fiddler’s ever-more notable country canon.

Other songs of Rhonda Vincent found in the album are “I Can Make Him Whisper I Love You,” “Heart Wrenching Lovesick Memories,” “Last Time Loving You,” and “Anywhere Is Home When You’re With Me.”

Make sure to listen to Rhonda Vincent’s “I Heard My Savior Calling Me” in the video below.