December 29

Hollyberry: The Perfect Christmas Gift for Matt Stell

Honestly, picking out a gift for someone at Christmas is one of the hardest choices we come through during the holidays. You’d never know what someone would want, but when you managed to tug their heartstrings through your gifts, the joy is simply unspeakable.

Today, Matt Stell shared how he once received a Christmas Gift from his mother and how it’s something he never wanted anyone to get. It’s none other than his dog, Hollyberry!

Picky Receiver

If you would ask Matt Stell of the most memorable Christmas childhood memory he had, it was the time his mother got him a puppy, a good little dog they named Hollyberry. But as a young kid at that time, of course, his mother already speculated that she would become the dog’s caretaker, and apparently, she did. Matt Stell also recalled how his mother and his dog even hit it off better than their relationship. He’s sure though that he loves his canine with his whole heart just like his parents did.

Being frank, the country artist still thinks that the dog was his all-time favorite present. He also admits that he wasn’t always the easiest one to give presents to, but he did list out some things that he said he wouldn’t want to receive from Santa as he only wanted toys and video games for Christmas or if not these, he didn’t mind receiving cards, just not clothes or anything that falls within that category. Believe it or not, even to this day, he still stands by that statement and preference when receiving presents during the holidays.

Country Music Leap

But Matt Stell’s best present this year isn’t wrapped in one of those fancy Christmas wrappers or crates. It was the recognition of one of his singles which officially became his second number one song released recently in November, ‘Everywhere But On’. This song of his holds a lot of meaning for him as it talked about his musical journey and how it paved a way for him to step into Nashville, Texas, the heart and soul of country music.

Matt Stell talks about good friends who took him in loke Paul Sikes and Lance Miller who are both renowned songwriters in town, and that’s why he says he ‘moved everywhere but on’. The single landed in the country radio airplay chart’s # 1 spot recently which was honestly one of the best things he could receive during the season.


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