September 1

Hearts are Touched as Country Legend Loretta Lynn Honors Her Good Friend, Gloria Jean Land

A dear friend of country legend Loretta Lynn, Gloria Jean Land, had passed away. An announcement was made on Lynn’s social media account

The country legend said on the post that their hearts hurt that her dear friend was gone. She disclosed that the photo she shared was from last Christmas, and that none of them thought it would be their last photo together.

Though Gloria and Lynn are not biological relatives, Lynn asserts that Gloria gave her all to the Lynn family, and therefore, Gloria became a member of the family.

According to what she said in her post, Gloria appears to have assisted Lynn with her kids while she was out traveling and entertaining innumerable admirers. In 1966, Gloria started working as a babysitter for Loretta Lynn’s children. Lynn has always said that she would not have been able to do as much in her famous career in country music without the help of her late friend Gloria.

The country icon achieved her first #1 hit on February 11th, 1967. Of course, Gloria was probably not involved in the writing or composing of any of Lynn’s best songs. Despite this, Gloria continues to be one of country music’s uncelebrated heroes.

Nobody is by themselves an island. Many people work tirelessly behind the scenes to support each victory we witness. Everyone, from famous people to everyday people, can attest to this. Even if you only achieved through your own hard work, someone was there to inspire you or lend a helping hand that made things possible. For Loretta Lynn, the same is true.

We send our deepest condolences to Gloria’s family and friends. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Loretta Lynn

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