August 17

‘Heart Theory’ is Lindsay Ell’s Album that Nobody Saw Coming

2020 is arguably a year of surprises. Who would have thought that in just a blink of an eye, the way we live would change? Fortunately, we did not need to let go of country music and it sure did produce surprises on its own. Talking about surprises, Lindsay Ell’s ‘Heart Theory’ album was an album no one saw coming. 

After her 2017 “The Project,” everyone was anticipating another banger from Ell. However, it was not in the same fashion as how “Heart Theory” turned out to be. Focusing on the stages of grief as her inspiration, the upcoming country artist has produced something worth our time considering.

Here are some facts you need to know about Ell’s “Heart Theory” album. 

Working Despite the Lockdown and Doing All the Guitar Parts

With the help of Dann Huff, Lindsay Ell was able to finish her album despite being quarantined at home. On the last day before Nashville got shut down due to some health protocols, Ell and Dann have finished working on the band tracks. But they still have to work on some of the vocal and guitar parts. They recorded the remaining parts in their respective homes. Dann would Facetime Ell and would talk to her as if they were in the studio.

Ell’s “Heart Theory” did not just display her excellence as an artist, but also displayed her capabilities as a guitar player. Ell had a rhythm guitar player to go with them during the band track recording, but Ell decided to do all the solos and lead parts.

 A Personal Experience of Grief

“Heart Theory by Lindsay Ell started out with a bang in “Hit Me.” The track illustrates the 1st stage of grief which was a shock. With the slinky, funk-pop that drops into the sudden absence one would feel after a break-up, Ell’s album went on to illustrate, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing and acceptance. The country singer used her pain the past year as inspiration.

Going through a breakup and a major health condition last year led Ell to reflect on the question “Who am I?” As she found ways to move on through her life’s toughest moments, Ell came up with an album that would show the stages where people move from understanding to a freeing of themselves from such painful circumstances.


Ell’s “Heart Theory” is not just an album that her fans would surely enjoy. It was a worthy process of songwriting for Ell as she leads herself to heal.

“I love therapy, and I’ve been going to therapy for years, but I’ve probably saved thousands of dollars from extra therapy from making this album,” Ell said.


Lindsay Ell

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