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Hardy’s “Give Heaven Some Hell:” A Tribute to Loved Ones Gone Too Soon

Losing someone special is one of the most challenging things we have to experience in life. Saying goodbye to a person that meant so much to you is absolutely not easy. It can even be tough to find the words to express how you feel. And when you don’t have enough words of your own, you can always turn to Hardy’s “Give Heaven Some Hell” – a hard-hitting anthem to harder goodbyes.

Written by the rising country rocker with Hunter Phelps, Ben Johnson, and Ashley Gorley, the heartfelt single tackles the dire circumstances that surround life and death while still preserving Hardy‘s signature witty charm as he sings about a good ol’ boy who has gone too soon.

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In the song, the singer’s dearly departed was not an especially worshipful person in this world, yet he encouraged him to own it in the afterlife and envisioned his friend keeping his rebel spirit even after moving on to the hereafter.

“Make some thunder, make ’em wonder how you got in,” the lyrics go.

It Comes With An Equally-Compelling Video

In the accompanying video, Hardy reunites with some of his real-life buddies and frequent collaborators – including co-writers Phelps and Johnson – as they imagined a little-white-church funeral. 

Shot in Lynnville, Tennessee, the emotional music video stays true to the song’s subject matter. The tight-knit group of guys said goodbye to one of their dearest friends, showing the emotional side of losing someone. But the wake is anything but depressing, as they were also celebrating the opportunity they once had of being close to someone very special. They reminisce about the good and fun times they have spent together while lighting a bonfire and sparking up fireworks to laud their late friend.

“It’s one of my favorite songs I have ever written, and having my buddies in the music video meant a whole lot,” Hardy said.

This is Just A Sneak-Peek At His Debut Album

“Give Heaven Some Hell” is part of Hardy’s debut album, A Rock – which is composed of 12 self-penned tracks that put Hardy’s sandpaper drawl into a spotlight. And it’s incredible how the project gives fans an in-depth view of one of today’s fastest-rising artists in country music, showcasing that he’s a singer-songwriter with a style of his own.

The full-length set, which was released last year via Big Loud Records, also includes “One Beer,” Hardy’s collaboration with Lauren Alaina and Devin Dawson. You can check out the full tracklist below.

  1. “Truck”
  2. “Boyfriend”
  3. “Give Heaven Some Hell”
  4. “Boots”
  5. “Where Ya At”
  6. “Ain’t a Bad Day”
  7. “One Beer” (featuring Lauren Alaina and Devin Dawson)
  8. “So Close” (featuring Ashland Craft)
  9. “Broke Boy”
  10. “Hate Your Hometown”
  11. “Unapologetically Country as Hell”
  12. “A Rock”

This is the veteran song maker’s first full-length effort as an artist in his own right. In case you don’t know, Hardy is one of the award-nominated songwriters behind popular tunes such as Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country” and Morgan Wallen’s “Up Down” (featuring Florida Georgia Line).

Anyway, make sure to listen to Hardy’s “Give Heaven Some Hell” by playing the video below. Hope the song will help those suffering from the grief of losing a loved one.



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