January 24

Happy Birthday to the Rock and Roll Star, Doug Kershaw

What are your interests? Do you have a specific hobby that you want to do for the rest of your life? Anyway, some of us want to do a lot of things. Hence, we want to excel in every aspect of life because we want to be the best. But, be careful because once you push yourself too much it might be the cause of your downfall. Well, that is different for Doug Kershaw because his goal in life is clear. Do you know, that he can play 28 different instruments! Isn’t that amazing? Now, we know what he really wanted to be. Anyhow, today is his 83rd birthday, so let’s go ahead and greet him. In addition, let’s reminisce one of his hits “Diggy Liggy Lo.”

The Talented Man from Louisiana

Doug Kershaw was born on January 24, 1936, in a humble home. As he grew up, he did not learn English as a primary language because his family spoke French. Anyhow, childhood was fun for him because Kershaw learned how to play the fiddle at the age of five. In addition, he mastered 28 other instruments. We can say that this artist is really a musical genius. His first performances started at a local bar called the Bucket of Blood. But in 1948, he was able to convince two of his brothers to form a group called the Continental Boys.

Happy Birthday to the Rock and Roll Star, Doug Kershaw 1
Photo Credits: Doug Kershaw Official Home Page

The group did not last and they had to part ways to build solo careers. But I guess all of them are successful in the music industry, knowing the fact that they are still active in the spotlight.

Get up and Dance to the Groove

As we join our birthday celebrator, Doug Kershaw, let’s go ahead and reminisce one of his hits from the ’60s “Diggy Liggy Lo.” Moreover, this hit is just perfect for the special occasion. Go ahead and dust those old boots and dance to the music. Once again, Happy Birthday!



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