December 27

Happiness in Action While Parents Sing “Islands in the Stream”

Who knew singing could be a perfect way of spending precious time with the family?

In a video recorded by Emiline Payne, her parents can be seen and heard singing their hearts out in an attempt to recreate Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s “Islands in the Stream.”

The Original Hit

The gold and double platinum hit, “Islands in the Stream,” was originally intended for Diana Ross to record, but Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton decided to take their shot and made it a duet instead. Sure enough, it was worth it because the song was one of the best country duets of all time. 

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The song sold over two and a half million sales in the US alone, earning certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The track also reached the top spot of the US Billboard Hot 100, Country, and Adult Contemporary charts.

The Paynes’ Version

The fame and success of “Islands in the Stream” prompted many people, fans and listeners, to perform the song their way.

Emiline Payne, who was home for the holidays, snuck into her parents’ room and caught them having their little concert while singing to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s “Islands in the Stream” on a karaoke someone in the family recently bought. The couple is seen enjoying the song while dancing and with smiles on their faces.

She recorded the scene and immediately took to Twitter to post the video. She captioned that she caught her parents singing to the famous country duet song, and she loves what her parents have.

The Paynes are sure to pick the right song. Watch below to see their lovely duet.


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