April 26

Hank Williams, Sr. and his song “The Old Country Church”

the old country church hank williams sr guitar

Hank Williams, Sr., even living a very short life, still managed to record a lot of beautiful songs that are meaningful and inspiring. Some of his songs make you want to return back to those times when you were a kid and just enjoy life. Some of his songs are moving as he sings about our beautiful Lord who is kind and understanding to us.

“The Old Country Church”: Content

“The Old Country Church” is a song about a man singing and remembering his childhood days. When he used to go to church with his family and sees his friends there, he remembers how they gathered together and praised the Lord. Since he started going to church as a young boy, he carried it until he is old. He prayed to the Lord and believed that Jesus will bless us if we only ask. He wished that the world will learn to pray because honestly praying heals and helps at the same time.

Do you remember the very first time you learn to pray or go to a church? How did you feel or what did you do? When kids go to church they usually get bored, therefore not understanding anything at all. They end up making noises or sometimes fall asleep during the sermon. Perhaps the best way to keep kids interested in going to church or knowing Jesus is to make activities that will stimulate their interest rather than saying things they cannot understand. Children will only be interested in things that they see than hear.

Just like the character in the song, he seemed to be introduced to the church in a good way that he actually remembered and liked it. He had beautiful memories that he mentioned in the song. His time with his family and friends praising God also contributed to making him enjoy going to church. If we do this to our kids then they will certainly enjoy going to church and would have good memories about it.

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