April 28

Hank Williams’ Great-Grandson Sings His Country Gospel Song “I Saw The Light” At His Grave

“I Saw The Light” was a song inspired by a remark Hank Williams’ mother said while they were arriving in Montgomery, Alabama. He wrote it on his way back from a concert and then recorded it during his first session for MGM Records. When the song was released, it did not enjoy major success, but it eventually made its way to the hearts of the people and became one of his most popular songs. Not only that, but it also became a closing number for his live shows and a country standard. 

That was why it was such a precious moment when Hank Williams‘ great-grandson visited his grave one weekend and sang the song – complete with the country twang (he was trying!) and a guitar (a stuffed toy he called puppy lovey).

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And that lovely kid was four-year-old Arlo, the son of Hank Williams’ granddaughter Holly. 

As the story went, Holly Williams took her children to stay a couple of nights at Montgomery, Alabama. While they were there, the family went to visit Hank Williams statue, and the three kids even took a picture in front of it!

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Afterwards, they paid their respects to Hank Williams in Oakwood Cemetery, where he was laid to rest next to his first wife, Audrey Mae Sheppard, who was also known by many as the inspiration of Williams’ hit song “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” While they were there, Arlo decided to sing his great-grandpa a song. He sat on the bench with his stuffed toy and started to sing “I Saw The Light” with what Holly noted in her caption ‘a country twang he’s trying so hard for‘. Towards the end of the song, Arlo even picked up his stuffed toy and acted like he was strumming it like a guitar.  

You can watch the adorable video of Arlo singing “I Saw The Light” below. Enjoy!


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