“The Best Day” by George Strait sure is a special song. This hit is a simple song but a lot of people relate to it. This is one of the songs that make being a father and having one very important to someone. Not only that, but this song is also played at many weddings.

This song is the first single in George Strait’s 2000 album, Latest Greatest Straitest Hits. Just like many of King George’s songs, this song also reached the top of the Country Music Charts.

The Song’s Content

The song is told as a story through the eyes of a father, remembering key events his son tells him are the “best days of his life” as he grew up.  At the end of the song, the son is in the church getting married, truly one of the biggest if not the best days of his life. The Best Day’s lyrics are touching and memorable. It is no surprise that this George Strait love song is a popular choice for country weddings.

The first verse recalls a father-son campout. There, the young boy looking forward to a weekend of fishing, conversation and bonding, and other camping-related activities with his father.

The Best Day: A Heart Touching Song of George Strait 1

The second verse shows a boy from the first verse who now becomes a teenager and newly licensed with his father. Then, he gets his first car, a classic Chevrolet Corvette which he and his father plan to restore.

The third and final verse is set on the son’s wedding day. As they stand in a rear room of the church, the son after vowing to take what he learned in childhood from his parents and applying it to his new marriage repeats a line he has at the previous two points of his life: “I’m the luckiest man alive, this is the best day of my life” — in this final verse, replacing “boy” with “man.”

The Chart Performance

The song entered the Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart at number 48 on the chart dated January 1, 2000, and spent 29 weeks on the chart. Not only that, but the song also climbed to number 1 after spending 17 weeks on the chart. It held the No. 1 place for three weeks on the chart dated April 22, 2000. In addition, this song became George Strait’s 36th Billboard Number One as a solo artist.