January 15

Fun in “Jesus On the Mainline” Act feat. Gaither Vocal Band

There’s humor even in gospel tunes.

Divine Comedy

Those two words came popping up while watching the clip embedded below. Of course, we know it as a title to a narrative poem by Dante Alighieri. However, it won’t hurt using them as descriptive terms for this group’s harmless stab on humor and great music. Besides, do we honestly think Jesus got no sense of humor? Just imagine his witty comebacks if he were to show himself to everyone. Contrary to what most men folks think, our Lord isn’t that stiff. He loves us and wants us to be always joyful. As much as possible, he wants us to be spreading good vibes and positivity along with his gospel. Hope our more conservative brethren will cut us some slack on this choice of a song today.

That said, let us put aside the image of a fire and brimstone God some of us may have long imagined. Besides, his sole appointed expressed image, Jesus Christ, has proven otherwise.

We could all use a laugh with this one. Bet even the sternest soul in the room had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Fun time in “Jesus on the Mainline”

In case you’re curious who these singers are, here are their names. From left to right, David Phelps, Guy Penrod, Mark Lowry, and Bill Gaither.

On Respect to God and Parody Songs

Stating the obvious, everybody has an opinion on everything (us, included). We see nothing disrespectful to God in this video. They’re just fellow Christians chilling for few minutes. Ministry is hard work in itself and I bet most people in the audience have enough troubles. The song was not altered in any way and was not mockingly delivered. The substance was maintained. Mark Lowry (the comedian), only made fun of Mr. Gaither. For sure, they’ve talked about the act beforehand.


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