June 21

“From This Moment On:” A Classic Hit Love Song In the ’90s

Have you ever imagined yourself being with someone and telling yourself that from that moment, you realize that you want to spend the rest of my life with him/her? If yes, maybe you have the same feeling as Shania Twain while writing this classic love song. Do you want to know what Twain felt while writing?  Come and join me as I introduce the classic love song “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain.

“From This Moment On”

From This Moment, Shania Twain
Photo Credit: Shania Twain/ youtube.com by Screengrab

Recorded and written by Shania Twain with Robert Lange. The song was released in July 1998 as a single from Twain’s third album, Come On Over. In addition, this song is considered as a country pop ballad.

From This Moment” has been popularly known all over the world. Where it was recorded by different known music artists and entered into different categories of the country charts.

According to the writers of the song, it is best to perform the song as a duet. So, they thought that Bryan White best suits for this song. Why Bryan White? Because according to Twain, He has the best male voice in country music. Which means that his voice would be needed to record this classic love song.

On the other hand, White described this song as extremely challenging. Wherein, in early 1998, the record producer was informed that White cannot promote the song which means that Twain would have to re-record it again and perform it as a solo.

The Song’s Theme

From This Moment, Shania Twain
Photo Credit: Shania Twain/ youtube.com by Screengrab

Twain wrote this song “From This Moment On” during a soccer game held in Italy. It is a love song between Twain and Lange, who was Twain’s first husband. Twain is not fond of sports but Lange really loves it. So, while watching the game. she got the idea to pen this song.

Every word of the song is every person’s dream to hear. As you get older, you realize that many people could make his/her promise, but only one person can prove it. If that person has proved you that his actions are better than his words, he/she is probably the one. Nevertheless, before loving someone, the first thing we must do is to love ourselves more because everything else will follow.

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