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Faron Young’s, Hillbilly Heartthrob, First Chart-topping Song “Hello Walls”


Faron Young has had a good start in his country music career with his hit “Hello Walls.” People were immediately drawn to his music because of his traditional sound and his honky-tonk style. Those were the days when country music was still being celebrated by the American audience. Faron Young became one of the staple country artists who used his honky tonk sound.

For his track “Hello Walls,” the idea of a man being left behind by his woman is the central topic. Therefore, the man is left to talk to the walls, windows, or ceiling.

faron young, hello walls
via Screengrab from YouTube

Lyrics Breakdown

She went away and left us all alone
The way she planned
Guess we’ll have to learn to get along
Without her if we can

faron young, hello walls
Photo Credits: Faron Young/Official Facebook Home Page

Traditional country songs are based on the experiences of the singer. The way that Faron Young sang it really makes you feel bad for him because he was left all alone. Not only that, but he was also left to speak only to inanimate objects.

“Hello Walls” is a great track about one’s tragic attempt to still woe his woman. The man is still insistent to continue the relationship even if he is making a fool of himself. But, ain’t that the case when you fall in love? We always do stupid things when we get the love bug, and no matter what rationalization we do, we still go back to being helpless.

Young Faron and Willie Nelson

faron young, hello walls
Photo credit: Willie Nelson/Official Facebook Page

Who would have thought that Young Faron would start the career of now country legend, Willie Nelson? This was Nelson’s first country hit as a writer and all thanks to Faron. This track also gave Willie a career in songwriting and gave the country music world a taste of what more he could bring to the table.

The song was released back in 1961 and this was the beginning of the long and great career of Willie Nelson.

Listen to their song here:

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