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Faith Hill and Daughter Maggie Shows Off Their Moves On A Viral TikTok Video

Faith Hill Joins Daughter Maggie McGraw on TikTok, and the Result Is Hilarious

It looks like the bond between Faith Hill and Daughter Maggie Elizabeth McGraw is stronger than ever in a viral TikTok video. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s middle child urges her mom to do a trending dance challenge on the popular platform. It blew up because Tim reposted the clip on his Instagram account, which prompted the fans to go wild.

Because Tim loves his “crazy girls” so much, the video shot to 1 million views and left thousands of comments on it showing love and support. More so, it reaches 100,000 plays on TikTok, which earned a wider audience thanks to Faith Hill’s husband. 

Fans keep on complementing how Faith Hill can still follow new dance moves past her younger years. Another said it’s fantastic to see them having fun and doing their own wiggle. You can hear “Lotus Flower Bomb” by Wale and Miguel dominating the background sound while doing the trending dance step for the song.

Faith Hill’s daughters, namely Gracie, 23, and Audrey, 19, joins Maggie as the couple’s princesses. Even though the McGraw family’s man supported their TikTok dance video, he doesn’t consider it as a complete endorsement of using social media. He said that he’s not much into the social media madness. Although he knows it’s a vital part of today’s music scene, still, if he can have no connection for a day is okay.

The bond between Faith Hill’s daughters, such as Maggie Elizabeth McGraw and her, will always be unbreakable, like that viral TikTok video.