April 30

A Stunning “Eyes on You” by Chase Rice Catches our Eye

Travelling is one way to escape reality. All people need to be relaxed sometimes. Let your brain and heart rest. Enjoy life!

Moreover, many people are happy traveling alone but what if there’s someone who is willing to travel with you? Wouldn’t it be exciting?

Let me tell you about a song entitled “Eyes on You” by Chase Rice. It was inspired by a true story.

Chase Rice’s Biography

Photo Credit: Chase Rise/ youtube.com via screengrab
Photo Credit: Chase Rise/ youtube.com via screengrab

Chase Rice is a singer and a songwriter. He was born on September 19, 1985, in Margate, Florida, USA. His parents are Mr. Daniel Rice and Mrs. Connie Rice. He has two brothers, Jesse Chan and Chad Rice. They were raised on a farm in Asheville, North Carolina.

Chase began playing guitar in college. His father inspires in for his career. His father would always tell him,

“Boy, anyone can play guitar, but no one is gonna really listen to you until you start singing.” 

His first studio album, Friday Nights & Sunday Mornings, was released on April 22, 2010. His first song “Larger than Life” is about the passing of his father.

Eyes on You: A Chase Rice Song

Eyes on You was released in radios on August 13, 2018. Chase Rice co-wrote the song “Eyes on You” with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley. This Country Song is based on a true story wherein Rice had a female friend in Hawaii. The song talks about an unforgettable experience and a night with a lover. Eyes on You used keyboard and guitar as there instrument.

The Lyrics

No matter what we do
If you’re there, girl, I’ve got my eyes on you
Don’t matter where we’ve been
No, there ain’t no better view
Than you in my arms with my eyes on you

Everyone deserves someone who will look them in the eyes as if they are the most beautiful girl in the world. Don’t stop yourself from exploring new things because as you get older, you will realize how time matters more.

Feel free to follow Chase Rice on his Facebook account & Instagram account.


Chase Rice

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