May 8

Remembering Eddy Arnold on His 11th Death Anniversary

Eddy Arnold was one of the toughest and hardworking country musicians of all time. Even though he was old, he still managed to record songs and albums. He reached 76 and was still performing. He was only officially retired when he was 80 years old. That’s how passionate Arnold was in his singing career!

Eddy Arnold death anniversary
Eddy Arnold, Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/ Getty Images

Today marks his 11th year of passing, and in memory of him, we’ll take a look at how Arnold was able to make a career in country music.

Childhood Years of Eddy Arnold

Richard Edward Arnold was born on May 15, 1918, at Henderson, Tennessee. Arnold learned to play the guitar when he was in high school. Even though he dropped out of school, he still continued to perform. When he left school, he went to help his family on their farm and also worked another part-time job. It was only when he worked at a radio station when he began to establish his career.

First Song as a Single

Arnold was first welcomed on the Billboard country chart with his recording of “Each Minute Seems a Million Years.” He recorded the song under his first record label, RCA Victor. After entering the chart, he began releasing single after single that made him popular in country music.

First No. 1 Song

His first song that reached number one on the chart was “What Is Life Without Love.”

Signature Song

Arnold released a total of 167 singles in his career as a singer, and among all of these songs “Make the World Go Away” has been his signature song. It was penned by Hank Cochran in 1963, and since then, it has been a standard country song cover by a lot of artists. However, Arnold’s version was the only one that made it to the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Retirement and Death

After years of creating songs that inspired many artists and touched every listener’s heart, Arnold finally decided to quit as a singer. He announced his retirement when he was 80 years old. However, even though he was completely retired, he still received honors and awards.

A few days before his birthday Arnold went to rest in a nursing home located in Nashville. Today marks his 11th year, and we gather all together to remember a hit-maker who made history in country music.


Eddy Arnold

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