January 17

Don’t Cry, Joni: A Collaboration of Conway Twitty and Joni Lee


There are instances when we will be hesitant to enter into a relationship. Other people are scared, others may not be ready and some just want to focus on themselves.  Whatever our reasons are, we need to contemplate on every decision. Also, we need to think about the pros and cons. Just like the hit from Conway Twitty in which the main character hesitated towards his feelings.

Further, he didn’t realize that he made a decision that he will regret for a lifetime. Maybe he did not easily realize the effect of his hesitation. How about you, have you ever hesitated in making decisions? Did you regret it?

Don’t Call Him a Cowboy

He was one of the most sought after singers of his generation. In addition, he is included in the Country Music Hall of Fame, and Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Moreover, this artist is a master of all genres, having a lavish success in rock and roll, R&B, pop, and Rock. That’s why there is no doubt that he is also a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Most of his hits were duets with Loretta Lynn that helped him receive awards and recognition. I hope you still remember Conway Twitty, who popularized the hits “Don’t Take It Away,” and “I May Never Get to Heaven.”

Don’t Cry, Joni: A Collaboration of Conway Twitty and Joni Lee 1
Photo Credits: Conway Twitty Official Home Page

The Hit that can Break Your Heart

This is all about the suffering of the main character due to his hesitation in making decisions. Well, sometimes we will experience this, and all we need to do is accept it. I hope that you are familiar with the hit of Conway Twitty, “Don’t Cry, Joni.” Moreover, the hit portrays a romance that failed and it cannot be fixed. Sometimes we will realize the importance of everything when it’s too late. But even though the hit has a heart breaking ending, let’s just go ahead and enjoy it.



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