January 18

Dolly Parton Believes in the Wonderful “Power in the Blood”

There are times when we will encounter a lot of problems and sometimes it will test our faith. Further, this will test how strong we are as a person. Trials are there to make us stronger, and better. But sometimes because we are weak, we tend to give up easily. Hence, let us not forget that our family and friends are always there to help us. Not to forget God who is our mighty creator. All we need to do is ask for guidance, strength, and peace of mind. He is our mighty Father and there is nothing that He can do to help us. I hope you are familiar with the gospel cover of Dolly Parton, “Power in the Blood” which talks how powerful God is.

The Queen of Country

She is one of the most successful artists in country music. In addition, she holds 25 number one songs that reached the Billboard Hot Country. With her successful career in the industry, she was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Also, she is a recipient of different awards. Let’s give a round of applause to Dolly Parton. Who also popularized the hits “Jolene,” and “9 to 5.”

Dolly Parton Believes in the Wonderful “Power in the Blood” 1
Photo Credits: Dolly Parton Official Home Page

The Powerful Gospel Hymn

This hymn was released in 1899 and it was considered as one of the most favorite gospel hymns of all time. In addition, this hymn was covered by different artists and Dolly Parton is one of them. The hymn was loved by the public because of its message of how powerful God is. I hope that you are familiar with the song “Power in the Blood.” When we face troubles, all we need to do is go to Him and ask for help. Don’t worry He is always to lend a helping hand, all we need to do is ask.


Dolly Parton

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