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Diamond Rio’s Fifth and Final No. 1 Song, “I Believe”


Diamond Rio's Fifth and Final No. 1 Song, "I Believe" 1Diamond Rio / Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

The year 2003 was another highlight in the country music band Diamond Rio‘s career. The group scored their fifth No. 1 song entitled “I Believe.” Released in November 2002, “I Believe” was recorded as the second single from their album Completely. On a sad note, this tune penned by Skip Ewing and Donny Kees also ended the band’s reign on top of the chart. Diamond Rio did not have any other No. 1 single since then. They still record songs and continue to perform up to the present though.

In the music video of the song, many tragic events are happening. There’s a man who tries to seek comfort from the angels in order to cope with losing his wife. From these scenes emerge a heartwarming theme which the song is all about. A further discussion of the song’s subject, as shared by one of the songwriters, can be read below.

The Emotive Theme of the Song

Skip Ewing would usually spend an ample time contemplating and discussing an idea with someone about a song before writing it down. That happened exactly to the “I Believe” tune that he co-wrote with Donny Kees. At that time, Ewing has just brought his coveted acoustic piano to his new house. And, it’s the first time that he’ll be writing a note using it. After spending several nights playing notes on the instrument, Ewing realized the lasting effect of one note played over and over again. He then compared this to the impact someone has on the life of the person that he/she has touched.

“And I realized that when we invite a note to sing, it sings for a long time. Even after you take your hand off the key, it’s still singing. And that made an impression upon me about the way people are, especially souls that have touched us in our lives.”

He shared these thoughts with Donny Kees who visited him the following day. Kees went on discussing the things going on with his mother and family at that time until they ended up with a common understanding of one thing – the ways people touch others’ lives. Such idea did not necessarily focus on those who have gone out of this world. People come into and go out of our lives at many points in time. Some would stay for a longer period while others do not. But, there are those who leave us shortly after and at the same time endow us with a lasting memory. Whether or not those people still exist on earth, the way they’ve touched our lives is something that we’ll carry with us throughout our earthly journey. That’s what the two would like to convey in their written tune “I Believe.”

Here’s the music video for Diamond Rio’s fifth and last No.1 single.

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