August 18

Dan + Shay’s ‘I Should Probably Go to Bed’ Costs Them Sweat & Bruises

How much are you willing to sacrifice for the perfect execution of your art or passion?

Dan + Shay are no stuntmen, but as part of their job as singer-performers, their new music material requires them to jump around and run against a wall. Dropping the title ‘music artists,’ the duo are ready to do the extremes to reach the potential peak of their craft for ‘I Should Probably Go to Bed.’

In the Name of Art

While we might view some of the things artists do as kind of masochists, from their point of view, temporary bruises are nothing compared to the perfection of their art which they hope will make a huge impact.

Showing their bruises, Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay told the press that his experience shooting their music video for the single ‘I Should Probably Go to Bed’ is no easy task. He said that he had bruise marks all over his body, especially along his rib,s but he was alright with it as long as it was for art and for his passion.

Dan explained that there were no stunt doubles during the shooting, only a guy dictating them what to do in every turn. He describes it as a ‘crash course’ for stunting. With only the harness to protect them and their lack of experience in stunts, the whole thing was crazy.

No Pain, No Gain, But Play It Safe

The shoot for their latest MV also has to follow strict community guidelines, making their shoot and their stunts harder for both Dan and Shay and the production team handling the post-shoot editing. To authorize the shooting for their single, they even had to hire a COVID health officer to be with them on the shoot. Because safety comes first, having an officer to poke around technicalities just to observe proper health guidelines was also a challenge in itself.

Aside from Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney’s families, people gave mixed reactions. They also looked doofus during the shoot, having an officer around restricted their movements as they needed to be wary of physical interactions while gathering a significant number of bruises in their stunts.

The song itself has become a deal-breaker. In mere three days from its official release, ‘I Should Probably Go to Bed’ gathered 6 Million global streams. What more if the people get to see the music video? Basing on the initial reactions, reception to their MV will be no doubt revolutionary. Kudos to Dan + Shay for pulling this one out! It’s a product of literally their own sweat and blood, or in this case, bruise.


Dan + Shay

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