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September 16, 2019


September 16, 2019


September 16, 2019

Craig Morgan released his song “The Father, My Son, & the Holy Ghost” after three years of hiatus. This was a tribute track in honor of his son who passed away back in 2016.

His debut for his new song at the Opry was an emotional performance. The song is full of emotions and the way that he delivered it will really make you tear up.

craig morgan, iTunes chart
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Craig Morgan Reaches No.1 on iTunes Chart

This would not have been possible if Craig Morgan was not supported by his friend, Blake. The Voice judge rallied people into making Craig’s song “The Father, My Son, & the Holy Ghost” reach number 1 at the charts. It was a big feat for the singer since it was his first song to ever reach the top of the iTunes chart.

Shelton’s tweets managed to reach some of the Hollywood stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Carson Daly, Meghan Trainor, and more. Craig Morgan responded with a heartfelt thank you on his social media account:

“Wow! I’m so completely humbled by all the support the world has shown this song. Blake Shelton. You are an awesome friend and champion for country music. We love ya, and I cannot thank you enough. The support the entire entertainment community and music fans have shown is a testament to the love that country music embodies. This song is a God thing. My hope is that it reaches all who need to hear it. THANK YOU, everyone.”

craig morgan, iTunes chart
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About the Song

This was a very personal song for the country singer. He even opened up about the struggles he had while recording it because he had to reminisce the memories of his lost son. Oftentimes, artists get really involved with the music they make because of the personal connection they have with the song.

The support that the singer got means that he was able to reach his goal for the song. A lot of his fans related to it because at some point, we all lost someone we love.

Listen to his song here:


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