10 Country Songs About Flowers


Arden Lambert


June 7, 2021


June 7, 2021


June 7, 2021

Be it roses, tulips, daisies, or marigolds – most of us are satisfied with giving flowers. However, some can’t help but sing about them too, and these country songs about flowers have essentially captured the natural beauty of life. 

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Plenty of country superstars have actually released songs about flowers that cover a range of emotions – whether in the title or in their lyrics. Check them out below!

1. “(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden” by Lynn Anderson

Over five decades ago, “(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden” became Lynn Anderson’s first No. 1 hit. 

It’s actually one of the special country songs for him that you need to check out! Written by country singer-songwriter Joe South, the song tells the tale of a woman telling her lover to relish the great times in their relationship as the horrible moments are something you can never avoid. Anderson believed that it became such a hit because of how “it touched on emotions.”

She added that it was released in such a perfect time – “just as we came out of the Vietnam years, and a lot of people were trying to recover,” she said. 

2. “​Dead Flowers” by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert found herself sad and troubled by the image of “dead flowers” and burned-out Christmas lights as it symbolized her current relationship with her lover.

Released as the lead-off single from Lambert’s 2009 album Revolution, the country singer revealed a personal experience that inspired her to write the song. She said she found herself saddened by the image of the flowers she had thrown into her yard, which she got one Valentine’s Day. Lambert further revealed that the song immediately came to her that it kind of wrote itself.

3. “The Rose” by Conway Twitty

Singer-actress Bette Midler made the classic pop song renowned when she recorded it for her 1979 film The Rose. Since then, it has been recorded multiple times, including Conway Twitty in 1982 – who made it into a country song.

Released as a single from his album, Dream Maker, Twitty’s version of “The Rose” went on the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and Canadian RPM Country Tracks.

4. “Two Dozen Roses” by Shenandoah

It’s been over three decades since country music group Shenandoah’s “Two Dozen Roses” landed at the top of the charts. Released as the fourth single from their album The Road Not Taken, the song tells the tale of a man who brought a dozen roses and a bottle of wine to his girl, wanting to make things right after doing her wrong.

He’s even willing to go as far as hanging the moon as long as she would change her mind. 

5. “Love Is A Rose” by Linda Ronstadt

Written by Neil Young, “Love Is A Rose” became popular in 1975 when Linda Ronstadt’s version peaked at No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart.

While roses have often been used as a metaphor for love since ancient times, to the point that it is almost cliché. Young, on the other hand, looked at it from a different angle. According to him, the moment you pick the rose from its vine, it will start dying, and you’ll be left with nothing but a handful of thorns.

6. “Buy Me a Rose” by Kenny Rogers

Upon reaching No. 1 on the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs charts in 2000, “Buy Me a Rose” made Kenny Rogers the oldest country singer to make it atop the said chart – he was 61 years old at the time.

The ballad tells of the husband’s efforts to satisfy his wife with material objects like a “three-car garage and her own credit cards.” However, she was displeased as she would rather have simpler gestures like her husband buying her a rose or even just opening the door for her.

It’s definitely one of those romantic country love songs with a special twist in the end.

7. “Flowers on the Wall” by The Statler Brothers

The song “Flowers on the Wall” peaked in popularity in 1966 after it spent four weeks at No. 2 on the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. It tells the tale of a man who has been left lonely and almost unconscious by the one he loves. He is in a pretty terrible situation, counting flowers on the wall and playing solitaire with a deck that’s missing a card.

8. “Like a Rose” by Ashley Monroe

The song is actually a heartbreaking yet glorious autobiographical tale of Ashley Monroe as she believed she “turned out like a rose.” Though she did not know why she said that, she believed it’s the best way to wrap up her story.

9. “She’s A Wildflower” by Lauren Alaina

Released as the title track of Lauren Alaina’s debut album, the 2011 American Idol runner-up thought Wildflower is the perfect name for her first album. After all, she considers herself as a wildflower – sweet but has a bit of spunk.

10. “Bring My Flowers Now” by Tanya Tucker

Thirty years in the making, Tanya Tucker’s “Bring My Flowers Now” earned three nominations during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. It took home the Best Country Song award.

More Country Songs About Flowers You Need to Check Out

  • “Tiptoe Through the Tulips With Me” by Chet Atkins
  • “Yellow Roses” by Dolly Parton
  • “Virginia Bluebell” by Miranda Lambert
  • “Pickin’ Wildflowers” by Keith Anderson
  • “Roses for Mama” by Red Sovine
  • “Flowers” by Chris Young
  • “A Good Year For The Roses” by George Jones
  • “Wildwood Flower” by The Carter Family
  • “A Dozen Roses and a Six-Pack” by Cole Swindell
  • “Flowers for Mama” by George Jones

How about you? What are your favorite country songs about flowers?


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