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August 12, 2021


August 12, 2021


August 12, 2021

This California native definitely shows no signs of slowing down. When Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know” was released as the follow-up to his gold-certified debut single, it broke records left and right.

After selling more than a million sales, “In Case You Didn’t Know” earned a triple Platinum from RIAA – the first among Brett Young songs to receive a Platinum certification. It also landed in the top spot of Billboard’s Country Airplay while peaking No. 2 on the Hot Country Songs chart and No. 19 on Hot 100.

Story Behind The Song

Brett Young co-wrote “In Case You Didn’t Know” with Nashville songwriters Trent Tomlinson, Tyler Reeve, and Kyle Schlienger during a writer’s retreat at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

According to Young, the idea for the song came when Tomlinson began telling a story about his childhood. When Tomlinson was only a kid, his mother would always stop him on his way out of the door before leaving the house. She would tell him, “Trent, in case you didn’t know, I love you.”

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At that point, they know what they have is a hit in the making. And when they started writing the song, they ended up with a love story which they wanted everyone to be able to make their own. Though Young explained that it’s actually more an idea about love instead of a song to a certain person. 

The smash romantic ballad tells the tale of a guy who’s not so good at saying what’s on his mind. But he knows this keeps the woman he loves wondering, so he mustered up all his courage to tell her, “You had my heart a long, long time ago. In case you didn’t know.”

Head to the video below to listen to “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young.


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