November 18

7 Unspoken Brenda Lee Facts That’ll Surprise You

The lack of recognition that Brenda Lee has compared to her contemporaries doesn’t take away from her greatness. Lee’s career started during the late 1940s, and she made it big during the 1950s. 

Like any other celebrity throughout time, being famous doesn’t necessarily mean that everything about Brenda Lee is known to the world. If you want to learn something surprising about this iconic singer, here are a few unspoken Brenda Lee facts. 

1. Her Supportive Family Helped Her Overcome a Tragic Childhood

Brenda Lee‘s brilliant voice isn’t her greatest treasure. No, it’s her supporting and loving family. She was only 6 when her father died, and her mother worked long hours to support her and her siblings. They were extremely close as a family. They supported each other, which helped them overcome their catastrophic loss. 

2. Little Richard Was a Good Friend of Hers 

The 1950s was a year when music changed forever. It was a world shaped by Brenda Lee, together with powerhouses like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Fats Domino. Along the way, Brenda became friends with the most prominent personalities in rock history, and Little Richard is one of them.

3. At Age 12, Brenda Lee Was Already Playing at Vegas 

Brenda’s life and experiences are like no other, even when she was just a kid. For instance, during her 12th birthday in 1956, the young girl spent time in Las Vegas. However, she wasn’t there to visit the sights and sounds; she became one of them. 

That’s right, Brenda performed with the Ink Spots at the Flamingo. According to her, she got weaved in and out of the show and sang during that time too. 

4. She is a Dog Lover 

If you’ve experienced losing a pet before, you would know how devastating it can be. So, when Brenda’s dog, Buddy, passed away, she told her family that she would never get another one to replace him. 

However, that sentiment started fading away when her husband brought a 4-week-old puppy home. The pup was sitting in the middle of the Tennesse interstate, where it got abandoned. 

5. Brenda Lee’s Autograph Collection is Out of This World 

Do successful musicians also look up to and idolize other famous musicians? Brenda Lee does, and she has a collection of memorabilia to prove it. 

When Rolling Stone visited her Nashville home in 2018, they found themselves surrounded by years worth of collectibles. She had framed photos of her and Elvis dancing together, a necklace he gave as a gift, and of course, a bucketload of autographs from him. Brenda Lee even admits that she’s what you’d call an “autograph hound.”

6. Brenda Lee Kept Herself Upright with the Help of Friendship and Faith

During her 2018 talks with Rolling Stone, Brenda got praised for successfully avoiding the common pitfalls stars encounter during their rise to fame. The superstar said that she managed to stay away from the rockstar world’s drugs and alcohol because of her family and their unwavering support. 

7. She Loves Rocking to “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

It’s common to see artists loathing their hit songs after hearing them repeatedly. That is not the case with one of Brenda Lee’s Greatest Hits, “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree.” 

Despite its constant return to the radio every Christmas season, she still loves the song. Even decades later, when she’s no longer performing the hit single on stage, it’s still a staple during her family’s holiday gatherings.

There you have it; these are our collection of unspoked Brenda Lee facts. Brenda’s angelic voice launched her into stardom at an early age. Despite her musical success and fame, she has always been a humble inspiration to many, even to this day. 


Brenda Lee

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