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Brenda Lee

Latest Stories

Brenda Lee Makes History As The Oldest Woman To Top The Billboard Hot 100

Brenda Lee Rocks Christmas Off the Charts, Dethroning Mariah Carey

Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," finally hit the top spot of Billboard Hot 100 on the chart dated December 9 – sixty-five years after it was released.

Brenda Lee Facts

7 Unspoken Brenda Lee Facts That’ll Surprise You

Brenda Lee is a legendary singer, and we've compiled a list of seven unspoken Brenda Lee facts that will surely surprise even some of her most avid fans.

Brenda Lee Songs

Our List of the Most Memorable Brenda Lee Songs of All Time

A legendary country artist, Brenda Lee celebrated her 74th birthday on December 11. She rose to fame in the late ‘50s and became a top-charting vocalist.

Brenda Lee Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” By Brenda Lee Continues to Rock Our Holidays 

This is one of the songs we love to hear and sing during Christmas, but do you know some interesting facts behind the tune?

I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry”: A 15-Year-Old Girl’s Song That Blew Everyone Away

"I'm Sorry" was recorded by then American child Brenda Lee when she was 15 years old. Eventually, it became her hit single in 1960. This song is notable for being one of the first examples of the "Nashville Sound," which focuses on stringed instrument sections, and a fusion between country, pop, and a dash of doo-wop.

“Uncloudy Day” and the Different Versions from Country Singers

The gospel song “Uncloudy Day” or “Unclouded Day” has been covered by different country singers such as Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, and more.

Flowers on the Wall - Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee’s Soulful And Full Of Depth Voice Is In Full Show In Her Rendition Of “Flowers On The Wall”

“Flowers on the Wall” was written by Lew DeWitt in 1965 for his group The Statler Brothers. When it rose to fame, various artists covered the song.

Brenda Lee and Ronnie Shacklett Love Story

Brenda Lee and Ronnie Shacklett: A Love That Broke Through The Shackles of Rejection

Brenda Lee and Ronnie Shacklett married so young and had to face rejection from their own family. But they thrived for 59 years and counting.

Where is Brenda Lee now?

Where is ‘Little Miss Dynamite’ Brenda Lee now? 

The pop diva's 1958 holiday all-time Christmas hit made a chart-topping, rockin' comeback last holiday season, but where exactly is Brenda Lee right now?

Country Stars Back Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees of 2020

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees of 2020 are ready and several country artists will join dozens more to honor this year’s inductees.

Did You Know “Always on My Mind” Has Been Recorded Over 300 Times?

Did you know that there are over three-hundred recorded releases of "Always on My Mind" in different versions by dozens of performers?

Little Miss Dynamite, Brenda Lee Boldy Beams at 75!

Weighing only four pounds and eleven ounces at birth, who would have thought that Brenda Lee would grow up as Little Miss Dynamite...

Brenda Lee Sings the Blues in “Johnny One Time”

Brenda Lee is one of the leading female artists of the '50s and '60s era. Her record sales and chart performance speak for itself.